Experience & passion

Tim Lim

Cyclist. Bikefitter. Engineer. Framebuilder. – In the driver’s seat of Cradle Cycles is Timothy (Tim), a unique individual who has honed his skills in these areas in the last decade.

Cyclist. Timothy began his athletic journey as a long distance runner and eventually progressed to endurance sports like biathlon and triathlon. A foot injury shifted his focus to cycling, which Tim discovered his hidden passion for. Over the next few years, Tim had the privilege to ride at an elite level in a UCI Continental team and represented Singapore in road cycling on numerous occasions.

Bikefitter. Tim’s pursuit of excellence in cycling sparked his obsession with bikefitting. This led to the birth of LOUE Bikefit Lab, where Tim is the Head Bikefitter. He is a gebiomized bikefit instructor, and is accreditated by almost all bikefit certifications available worldwide. Tim has presented at several local and international bikefitting symposiums and medical fairs. He is the South East Asian representative for the International Bikefitting Institute (IBFI).

Engineer. Tim holds a B.Eng (Hons) in Mechanical Engineering from NUS. His past engineering experience includes work on Unmanned Ground Vehicles and designing bicycle simulators. He designs and also enjoys hands-on work such as welding, machining and manufacturing.

Framebuilder. Tim’s framebuilding journey began in 2015 where he learnt to TIG weld steel frames from Mike Flanigan (ANT Bikes) in Boston, and brazing steel and carbon building from David Bohm (Bohemian Bicycles) in Arizona.

With this knowledge and experience, Tim was inspired to design and fabricate bicycles to suit individual needs for the best cycling experience, hence the birth of Cradle Cycles.


Newton's cradle, named after Sir Isaac Newton, is a device that demonstrates conservation of momentum and energy using a series of swinging spheres. A simple device can have such profound meaning.

We want to make each and every bicycle frame special, just like the Newton's cradle. Every frame will have its own special profound meaning to its owner.

That's why we're called Cradle Cycles.