We build your dream bike

Custom Carbon Bicycle Frames

At Cradle Cycles, each bicycle frame is tailored to the individual-whether you are a weekend warrior, recreational or professional cyclist.

Years of research, development and experience, together with dedication and passion, allows us to build your dream bike for you.

Every step of the build process is intentional. We get to know you, understand your bikefit inside out, drive a design to suit your cycling needs, fabricate the frame, then choose the perfect components. No stone is left unturned.

Handmade in Singapore

Every frame is made in our facility in Singapore. Our processes and methods are carefully controlled, to ensure the highest quality. We obtain your perfect bicycle geometry from a professional bikefit, understand your cycling style and needs, and then drive the design of your frame to match that exactly.

We carefully select raw carbon fibre, and uniquely plan the layup for each tube used to form each bicycle frame.

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